Sports Athlete Shave Game

Sports Athlete Shave Game

 Can you help the athlete out before sports game? 


Yikes, these hairy athletes need a makeover! Can you help them out?! 

Everyday is a messy and fun day at the Crazy Athlete Shave Salon! Choose from 6 hairy athletes and let the fun begin! Style them until they look like new! From shaving, to waxing, to cutting - there's never been so much work and yet so much fun!


Give all the messy athletes a makeover and have fun at the Crazy Athlete Shave Salon!



> 6 different athletes to choose from.

> Shave messy beard with scissors, electric shaver and razor.

> Treat scratch with adorable bandages. 

> Apply ointment to reduce swelling.

> Wax legs with colorful wax strips. 

> Use body lotion to moisturize the skin.

> Cut & style hair with professional tools. 

> Choose coolest hairstyles.

> Snap a picture to show off the athletes' makeover and new style!